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Care Instructions

Your jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed! Please take care of your Yenden pieces by following these steps:

  • Please pack your jewelry individually in an airtight container away from humidity.
  • Lay flat in a box whenever possible, especially heavier necklaces.
  • Clean with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Please remove your jewelry when bathing, swimming, perspiring
  • Avoid hot water
  • Do not come into contact with any chemicals, lotions, perfumes, hairsprays, etc. It can dull metals and damage precious and semi-precious stones.


ETHIOPIAN OPALS require extra care. They are wonderful to look at, but will absorb liquids and might darken/change color when wet. Keep as dry as possible. If they do get wet for a moment by accident, please dry immediately with a soft cloth and store in a very low humidity area to regain the color and luster. Do not swim, shower, work out with them and keep them away from chemicals, hairsprays, creams, etc.

AUSTRALIAN OPALS, however LIKE humidity, you can clean them with a soft cloth in lukewarm water. Avoid chemicals and other cleaning agents. Store away from extreme heat and very dry conditions.